General Introduction

Dear Photonics@be network community,
Please find the preliminary information about the Doctoral School we organize in "Domein Westhoek" at Oostduinkerke on April 22-24, 2013
This year, the Doctoral School is devoted to "Nonlinear photonics" and will comprise

The tentative program schedule is the following:

The following speakers have already accepted to give a tutorial : Simon-Pierre Gorza, OPERA-photonique, U.L.B., Belgium (Introduction to nonlinear optics) ; Alain Maillard, LMOPS, SUPÉLEC Metz & Université de Lorraine, France (Frequency conversion) ; Matthew Halsall, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, UK (Raman spectroscopy / scattering) ; Goëry Genty, Tampere University of Technology, Finland (Supercontinuum generation) ; Thorsten Ackemann, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, UK (Nonlinear dynamics) ; Bart Kuyken, Photonics research group, UGent, Belgium (Nonlinear optics in silicon waveguides).

This school should be a special exchange forum for early stage researchers, senior scientists, professors and international guests to share experience, create new links and strenghten existing collaborations between the teams.

On behalf of the Photonics@be network, I wish you a successful school with a lot of work and fun.
Mariline Mura, UMONS
Pascal Kockaert, ULB-OptIQ
Marc Sciamanna, Supélec-LMOPS
Gunther Roelkens, UGent-PRG
Patrice Mégret, UMONS
Doctoral School organizers.