Paper format


All authors are required to submit a four-page full paper before 26th October 2012.
Note that this is a strict deadline, since we need enough time for the production of the proceedings.


We have provided templates with detailed layout information in Microsoft Word format and in LaTeX format. We only accept papers submitted in PDF format. Therefore, you have to convert your paper to PDF format before submission. Please remember to set the paper size to A4 before generating the PDF.

Paper Formatting

All full papers should start with a title, authors' line, affiliation statement, and the 100-word (max.) abstract submitted previously. The title should be 18 point Times (New) Roman Bold, the authors' line should be 12 point Times (New) Roman, the affiliation statement should be 10 point Times (New) Roman, and the abstract should be 12 point Times (New) Roman Italic.

We ask you to use A4 paper size (21×29.7 cm2) with margins of 3 cm all around. In the proceedings, these pages will be reduced to 17×24 cm2. Please write your paper in 12 point Times (New) Roman and in one-column format. The first page should start with the title in 18 point bold, the author(s) name(s) in 12 point, the affiliation in 10 point and the 100-word (max.) abstract in 12 point italic.

Thereafter, on the same page, follows the paper. The paper should consist of 4 pages. Please do not number the pages. The section headings should be 14 point Times (New) Roman Bold and the body text 12 point Times (New) Roman. Lettering in tables and figures should be 10 point Times (New) Roman. In order to conserve space, references should be given in 10 point. It is recommended that references conform to the IEEE conventions as shown in template files.

IEEE Photonics Benelux Annual Symposium Attendees

The authors should take into account that the background of the attendees of the Annual Symposium covers a broad range (from scientists and engineers in an academic environment to application-oriented persons in industry and small enterprises). Therefore, the contributions should contain some introductory remarks, should emphasize the main results, and should be readable by avoiding, for example, uncommon abbreviations, etc.